Dao Tun collaborates closely with its clients and provides them with a variety of services, including but not limited to consulting services regarding strategy, operations and business development, as well as comprehensive services for cross-border cooperation.  

1. Services for European clients aiming to access the Chinese market:

• Fundraising

• Market survey and validation

• Regulatory interpretation and application support

• IP/Trademark strategy, prosecution, and litigation (with law firm partners)

• Partner matching, selection, and alignment

• Cross-cultural communication and coordination

2. Services for Chinese clients aiming to access the European market:

• Investment

• Strategy development

• Financial planning and business operation

• Project scouting and evaluation

• Legal and regulatory support

• Cross-cultural communication and negotiation

3. Consultancy for research and development of healthcare/life science products:

• R&D strategy development

• Biomarker strategy and plan

• Outsourcing strategy and management

• Vendor scouting, selection, and management

• Project management and quality control