Dao Tun matches clients with the right partners

The Dao Tun team provides their clients with customised strategies and execution plans after in-depth interviews and targeted research.

Having considerable insights, a comprehensive market overview and an impeccable network, the Dao Tun team matches their clients with the right partners accurately and effectively.  

With fullest commitment and care, the Dao Tun team ensures productive communication and efficient coordination, enabling and promoting trust and successful cooperation between all parties involved. 

Dao Tun is a bridge builder who excels at understanding and interpreting the interests and needs of the partners, and aligning perspectives of different stakeholders and across cultures for win-win-win collaborations. 

Cross-border collaboration between East and West can be compared to the sport of mountaineering, a venture full of challenges, where the successful arrival is highly dependent on having reliable support. Dao Tun will be your "mountain guide", not only giving  advice, but "climbing the mountain" together with you.

Dao Tun builds bridges between Europe and China

Dao Tun serves entrepreneurs and business owners in Europe and China by creating, facilitating and simplifying business connections in the following areas:

  • Fundraising
  • Investments
  • Project collaborations
  • Strategic partnerships
  • In-/Out-licensing
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Product distribution
  • Market entry

Dao Tun is your companion partner through your venture

Europe has very strong innovation capabilities and Switzerland is regarded as the most innovative country in the world. China being the second largest economy in the world and still growing fast in the field of healthcare and life science has become a "must-go" market for international companies in this area. To successfully combine the innovation and the market between Switzerland/Europe and China specialized guidance is needed in both directions.